SheWolf was the most amazing performance I’ve yet to witness! The passion and creativity radiating off all the performers created a field of strength, beauty, empowerment and primal nature all to embrace as the divine feminine soars with majestic magick! A spectacle of a life time!!! Love to all my sisters, old and new ❤
— Robert Bershadsky

SheWolf- Passionate, fierce and graceful. Will be back for more <3
— Ryan Blume
SheWolf brings very empowering & courageous qualities when it comes to expressing the feminine/divine feminine expression that’s resides within us all!!! ITS MOVING, Heart-touching, & a TRUE work of art one need to experience first hand. Very grateful that something like is here in physical manifestation. Highly Recommend SheWolf!!!!
— Secquoyah Lacy
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SheWolf Sacred Movement is a Chicago-based, global purpose revolution to venerate the embodied feminine soul.

Through interdisciplinary artistic mediums, we create a process + platform for stories of divine resilience. Our intention is to center voices, bodies, + hearts that have been impacted by violence, marginalization, disempowerment, oppression, + imbalances. As a channel of unity consciousness, performers + audience alike move + witness to engage in collective transformation + liberation. Our works range from ancient ritual practices + classical cultural dances to contemporary expressions + exchanges.


We strive to foster community through embodiment + empowerment of healing arts, performance as therapy, + integrative story-telling, in order to ::

Raise Consciousness // Summon Instinctual Nature // Claim Sovereign Knowing // Cultivate Wholeness // Ignite Passion + Invoke Desire // Enliven Health + Healing // Thrive in Creative Power 


We the members of SheWolf community commit our lives to embody these values ::

Authenticity // Accessibility // Connection // Collaboration // Creativity // Excellence // Harmony // Inclusivity // Universality

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